The North Coast Resource Partnership is an innovative, stakeholder-driven collaboration among local government, Tribes, watershed groups, and interested partners in the North Coast region of California. The North Coast comprises seven counties, Tribal lands, major watersheds, and a planning area of 19,390 square miles-representing 12% of California's landscape. The NCRP integrates long term planning and high quality project implementation in an adaptive management framework-fostering coordination and communication among the Region's diverse stakeholders.

Featured Topics

Accelerated Schedule for final Prop 84 IRWM Funding

DWR has updated the schedule for the Proposition 84 2015 IRWM Implementation Grant Program solicitation. The updates show an accelerated timeline for the final Proposition 84 IRWM solicitation.

NCRP Small Community Toolbox

The NCRP Small Community Toolbox provides resources to help with system maintenance, replacement and upgrades as well as to assist in the project development process. The Toolbox is intended to help small utilities develop a “first order” understanding of what their options are, where to find funding, and how to get help.

North Coast Resource Partnership Meeting

The next quarterly NCRP Meeting will be held on April 16 at the Holiday Inn Express in Yreka.

Meeting materials and presentations from the January NCRP meeting can be found here.

NCIRWM Plan, Phase III

The North Coast Integrated Regional Water Management Plan, Phase III, adopted by all NCRP partners, is by design a voluntary, non-regulatory, stakeholder-driven planning framework meant to emphasize shared priorities and local autonomy, authority, and knowledge.