North Coast Rivers Watershed Management Area

Hydrologic Units: Mendocino Coast, Smith River, Trinidad, Cape Mendocino

Description: The North Coast River WMA includes all North Coast rivers not included in other WMAs.The major watersheds south of the Oregon border include the Smith, Bear, Mattole, Ten Mile, Noyo, Big, Albion, Navarro, Garcia, and Gualala Rivers and Greenwood, Elk, and Alder Creeks.There are twelve Critical Coast Areas in this WMA: Mattole River, King Range National Conservation Area, Pudding Creek, Noyo River, the Pygmy Forest Ecological Staircase, Big River, Albion River, Navarro River, Garcia River, the Kelpbeds at Saunders Reef, Del Mar Landing Ecological Reserve, and Gerstle Cove.

The Mattole River watershed comprises approximately 304 square milles.Primary land uses are silviculture and ranching.The Ten Mile River watershed covers approximately 120 square miles.The watershed is entirely privately owned and has a long history of timber harvest.The Noyo River watershed encompasses about 113 square miles.Silviculture is the primary land use within the watershed.The Big River watershed drains approximately 181 square miles.Predominant land uses are silviculture and ranching.The Albion watershed comprises about 43 square miles and the predominant historic and current land use is timber harvest with some agricultural and recreational uses.The Navarro River watershed encompasses about 315 square miles.Land uses in the watershed include silviculture, ranching, and agriculture.The Greenwood Creek watershed is relatively small, about 25 square miles.Land use in the watershed is primarily timber production, viticulture, fruit orchards, and residential with some ranching.The Garcia River watershed covers about 114 square miles and the major land uses include silviculture, dairy ranching, and gravel mining.The Gualala River watershed encompasses about 300 square miles.Primary land uses are silviculture, orchards, viticulture, and ranching.

Salmonids: Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchustshawytscha), coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) and steelhead trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)