NCRP Tribal Representative Process

Tribal Voting Delegates and Nominees, 2014

In response to a proposal endorsed by 20 Tribes, the Policy Review Panel (PRP) of the North Coast Resource Partnership (NCRP) voted to establish three seats on the PRP and three seats on the Technical Peer Review Committee (TPRC) for Tribal Representatives. In 2010, the Tribes of the North Coast region devised a process to select representatives and approve the North Coast IRWM Plan. The North Coast IRWMP funding area is divided into three districts – Northern, Central and Southern – for the purpose of selecting Tribal representatives to fill the PRP and TPRC seats. Tribes within each district may select one PRP representative and one TPRC representative. Each representative may have one alternate.

Request for 2017 Voting Delegate & Nominations for NCRP Tribal Representative Alternates: South and Central Districts 

The NCRP is accepting Nominations from Tribes in the North and Central North Coast to fill three vacant Alternate Tribal Representative positions of the NCRP, the regional Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) group.

The available positions are:

  • One (1) Alternate North District seat for the Policy Review Panel
  • Two (2) Alternate Central District seats: Policy Review Panel and Technical Peer Review Panel

New Tribal Representatives will join existing Representatives to fill the six (6) seats allocated for Tribes on the NCRP governing body within the North Coast IRWM region to represent over 34 North Coast Tribes in collaborative regional water management with other Tribes, counties, cities, state agencies, non-profits and other regional stakeholders.  

These new Tribal Representatives will be alternate voting members in the NCRP in order to shape water planning in the region.  Alternates participate fully in the consensus decision-making process of the NCRP Tribal Representative body, provide guidance at NCRP Meetings and should the primary be unavailable, vote in an official capacity at NCRP Meetings. Alternates therefore, must stay informed of agenda items and current issues being considered by NCRP and equally provide guidance to the body of Tribal Representatives to prepare for NCRP meetings.

The NCRP has the most active participation of regional Tribes in the decision-making body of California IRWMs and has recently elected a Tribal Representative as the Vice-Chair of the NCRP.  Leaf Hillman, North District PRP Member is the first California Tribal Member to serve as the Vice-Chair of any IRWM.  This is a huge step in Tribal leadership in IRWMs.  This body makes decisions on which water projects will be funded, effectively guiding watershed management in the region.

Nominations are due July 13th by email to or by postal mail (received by that date). To Nominate a Voting Delegate and/or a Representative please download and complete the 'Nomination and Voting Form' found on the left side of this webpage.  Final selection will take place July 21, 2017 at the NCRP/NCTWC Meeting hosted by the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation at Howonquet Hall Community Center, 101 Indian Court, Smith River.

More information can be in the documents posted to the left-side of this webpage.  Please contact Sherri Norris or any of the NCRP Tribal Representatives or Alternates (see contact list posted to this webpage) for information about this process or about the NCRP in general.