Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP)

The Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP) Act was created by Senate Bill 1672 in 2002 and is defined in §10530 of the California Water Code as “a comprehensive plan for a defined geographic area, the specific development, content, and adoption of which shall satisfy requirements developed pursuant to this part. At a minimum, an Integrated Regional Water Management Plan describes the major water-related objectives and conflicts within a region, considers a broad variety of resource management strategies, identifies the appropriate mix of water demand and supply management alternatives, water quality protections, and environmental stewardship actions to provide long-term, reliable, and high-quality water supply and protect the environment, and identifies disadvantaged communities in the region and takes the water-related needs of those communities into consideration.”

The passage of Proposition 50, the Water Security, Clean Drinking Water, Coastal and Beach Protection Act of 2002, Proposition 84, The Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2006 and Proposition IE, the Disaster Preparedness and Flood Prevention Bond Act of 2006 have expanded and enhanced the initial intent and definition of an IRWMP and have provided funding for water-related projects through an IRWM grant program.

Who do I contact with questions about the North Coast Resource Partnership or North Coast IRWMP?

Katherine Gledhill
West Coast Watershed

Is the Memorandum Of Mutual Understandings (MOMU) a binding document?

This Memorandum of Mutual Understandings document and participation in the North Coast Resource Partnership (NCRP) effort are non-binding, and in no way suggest that an agency, Tribe, organization or other participating entity may not continue its own planning and undertake efforts to secure project funding from any source. An entity may withdraw from participation at any time.

Where do I send the signed copy of the Memorandum of Mutual Understandings (MoMU)?

Please send signed copies of the MOMU to: Tim Anderson, Sonoma County Water Agency, 404 Aviation Blvd., Santa Rosa, CA 95403 or signed and scanned copies to

Who administers the IRWMP Grant Program?

Under Proposition 50, the IRWM Grant Program is administered jointly by DWR and SWRCB. Under Proposition 84, the IRWM program is administered by DWR.

How much funding is available through the IRWMP Grant Program?

Proposition 50 made available approximately $380 million for IRWMP grants statewide. Under Proposition 84, a total of $37 million is available to the North Coast.

Who will review submitted project proposals?

All projects submitted to the North Coast Resource Partnership will be subject to review by the North Coast Technical Peer Review Committee and the Policy Review Panel. Review panel members define the process of compilation, project inclusion and integration including format, schedules and ground rules to ensure process consistency and uniformity.

What happens when a project proposal is selected?

Organizations sponsoring projects selected to be included in the North Coast IRWMP by the North Coast Technical Peer Review Committee and the Policy Review Panel will be asked to become Signatories to the North Coast IRWMP Memorandum of Mutual Understanding, and will work with the NCRP grant adminstrator - Humboldt County - to manage their project.

How much funding has been awarded to the NCRP/NCIRWMP?

  • Proposition 50, NCIRWM Planning Grant, 2005 - $500,000
  • Proposition 50, Implementation Grant, Round 1, 2006 - $25,000,000
  • Proposition 50, Implementation Grant, Round 2, 2007 - $2,079,000
  • Proposition 50 Implementation Supplemental Funding, 2010 - $2,176,860
  • CEC Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant, 2010 - $959,117
  • Proposition 50, DWR directed funding for Water & Wastewater Service Provider Outreach & Support Program, 2011 - $500,000
  • Proposition 84, NCIRWMP Planning Grant, 2011 - $1,000,000
  • Proposition 84, NCIRWMP Implementation Grant, Round 1, 2011 - $8,222,000
  • Proposition 84, NCIRWMP Implementation Grant, Round 2, 2013 - $5,386,000
  • Strategic Growth Council, Sustainable Communities Grant, 2014 - $1,000,000
  • NCRP 2014 IRWM Drought Project Grant, 2014 - $8,700,000
  • Total Awards - $55,522,977

Are matching funds required?

Under Proposition 84, the applicant is required to provide a minimum funding match of 25% of the total proposal costs for planning and implementation grants. “Funding match” means funds made available by the grant recipient from non-state sources. Funding match may include, but is not limited to, federal funds, local funding, or donated services from non-state sources. For a State agency, funding match may include state funds and services. The requirement for funding match may be waived or reduced to the extent that applicants demonstrate that the proposal will provide direct benefits to an economically disadvantaged community(ies).

What is meant by a Disadvantaged Community?

A community, including, but not limited to a city, town or county, or a reasonably isolated and divisible segment of a larger municipality, that has an annual median household income that is less than 80 percent of the statewide annual median household income.