North Coast Assessment, Monitoring and Plan Performance

The Data Management Plan for the North Coast Region was developed as part of a process intended to result in more efficient, effective, standardized data acquisition, input, analysis, and dissemination throughout the Region. The over-arching goal for the North Coast IRWM Data Management Plan is a streamlined  framework that will objectively assess and improve - through an adaptive management process - the performance of the North Coast IRWM Plan, its implementation projects, and other regional water management activities.

Data Management Plan Goals:

  • Identify appropriate indicators of water quality, water quantity and ecosystem health to accurately track changes at local and regional scales
  • Provide a system for on-going monitoring and analysis of appropriate indicators to inform the adaptive management of North Coast ecosystems
  • Develop and standardize data development and output using widely accepted peer-reviewed protocols

As a condition of IRWM funding, each NCRP project proponent will develop a Project Performance Monitoring Plan to track project performance according to the NCRP Project Performance and Monitoring Plan Guidelines.  Project Performance Monitoring plans must describe the tools that will be used to monitor project performance and set interim targets (or milestones) that will be used to track the project’s pace in meeting the benefits claimed in the application materials; indicate where the data will be collected and the types of analyses to be used; explain how the monitoring tools and targets are appropriate for the benefits claimed; and include a discussion of how monitoring data will be used to measure performance.

The following webpages include monitoring and assessment protocols and data sources, existing monitoring programs, and educational materials and training opportunities:

Monitoring and Assessment Protocols and Data Sources 

Monitoring Protocols for Project Evaluation

Educational Materials and Training Opportunities