North Coast Resource Partnership Approach

The North Coast Resource Partnership (NCRP) approach to planning acknowledges and incorporates the unique issues, information and planning approaches of local areas (both watersheds and counties) within a framework that integrates local, regional and statewide priorities. This flexible and adaptive approach allows the NCRP to accomplish effective planning at a large scale while retaining and enhancing high-resolution data and planning at the local scale. The NCRP acts as a nexus between statewide and local planning efforts.

The NCRP consists of a collaborative partnership between the NCRP Policy Review Panel (PRP), the Technical Peer Review Committee (TPRC), project staff, consultants, and the stakeholders within the North Coast Region. With the exception of Modoc County, with one representative, the PRP consists of two representatives appointed by each County’s Board of Supervisors and three Tribal Representatives appointed by North Coast Tribes as outlined in the 'Tribal Representation Process' described in the NCIRWMP Memorandum of Mutual Understandings. The TPRC is comprised of technical experts also appointed by each County’s Board of Supervisors and Tribal representatives. The TPRC reviews and evaluates the development of the North Coast Integrated Regional Water Management Plan and proposed projects based on technical criteria and the PRP is the governing and decision-making body providing policy level direction and oversight for the NCRP planning process.

The North Coast Resource Partnership emphasizes the following:

  • Creation of a sustainable environmental and socio-economic framework for the North Coast, by engaging in integrated planning for water infrastructure and natural resources. Planning and project focus areas include the recovery of salmonid populations, enhancement of the beneficial uses of water, support for energy independence, local autonomy and intra-regional cooperation.
  • Outreach, education and inclusion for all interested stakeholders in the North Coast region via the website, workshops, conferences, meetings and printed materials
  • Transparent and inclusive communication and decision making
  • Enhancement of water infrastructure and natural resources values in socio-economically disadvantaged communities.

The NCRP holds public meetings on a quarterly basis throughout the region. Meeting agendas, summaries and materials can be found in the NCRP library.

NCRP Policy Review Panel and Technical Peer Review Committee Meetings:

The NCRP meetings are held quarterly on the third Friday of the following months: January, April, July, and October.

2018 NCRP Meeting Dates & Location:

  • January 19 – Ukiah Valley Conference Center, Ukiah
  • April 20 – Yreka Area
  • July 27 – Eureka Area
  • October 19 – Weaverville Area