NCRP Healthy Communities, Functional Watersheds and Viable Economies

Strategic Growth Council Technical Reports and Tools

The North Coast Resource Partnership (NCRP) received a grant from the California Strategic Growth Council to develop integrated regional plan elements that focus on water quality and supply, healthy forests, ecosystems and watersheds, energy independence and climate change, as well as functional built infrastructure and public health. The planning elements build upon and integrate over twelve years of planning and implementation work by the NCRP, funded by the California Department of Water Resources Integrated Regional Water Management Program (IRWMP) as well as substantial local investment.

The NCRP adheres to a set of shared goals regionwide and all partners have signed on to a NCRP Memorandum of Mutual Understanding. At the same time, the NCRP is committed to respecting local knowledge and local autonomy – focus areas for one part of the region may not be shared in all parts of the region. For example, some areas within the North Coast region prioritize energy independence, avoidance of wildfire, and fixing failing built infrastructure, while other areas may focus more on climate adaptation, GHG emissions reduction or habitat restoration.

In all cases, having the best available data helps to support good planning and prioritization, shared learning, and ensures the best project outcomes on the ground. As part of the NCRP grant from the Strategic Growth Council, gaps in information are being filled by technical experts via a series of competitive RFP processes. Contracts have been issued to technical consultants to develop information critical to decision making in the region, as well as the designees of Tribes and local governments to develop planning and policy tools and models. The data and information from these contracts are included in the following documents.

Technical Reports

Technical Report for the North Coast of California Ecosystem Service Valuation, March 2016 Earth Economics
Trinity County Forest Ecology, Watershed Hydrology and Economic Valuation of Natural Capital and Economic Analysis for Trinity River Water, March 2017 Northwest California Resource Conservation & Development Council
Climate and Natural Resources Analysis and Planning for the North Coast Resource Partnership, December 2016 Pepperwood and USGS
Climate and Natural Resources Analysis and Planning for the North Coast Resource Partnership: Map and Time Series Data Visualizations, December 2016 Pepperwood and USGS
North Coast Resource Partnership Integrated Strategic Plan:  Memo for Technical Area 1- Climate Change Mitigation, GHG Emissions Reduction and Energy Independence, May 2017 Redwood Coast Energy Authority and Schatz Energy Research Center
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment Roadmap for the North Coast Regional Partnership, May 2017 Schatz Energy Research Center and Redwood Coast Energy Authority
Biomass Energy in the North Coast Region: An Assessment and Strategy for Ecologically and Socially Compatible Development, February 2017 The Watershed Center
Carbon Inventory Estimates for the North Coast Resource Partnership, October 2017 Dogwood Springs Forestry
A Review and Assessment of Potential Funding Sources for the North Coast Resource Partnership  ECONorthwest

NCRP Planning and Policy Tools & Models

Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System Planning Model Hoopa Valley Tribe
Guide for Tribal Renewable Energy Sovereignty Master Planning Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria
Humboldt County Critical Essential Services Model Redwood Coast Energy Authority
Humboldt County Critical Essential Services Model Toolkit Redwood Coast Energy Authority
North Coast Irrigation Water and Fertigation Management Tool Humboldt County Resource Conservation District
Planning Guide for Development of Tribal Environmental Protection Ordinance Yurok Tribe