NCRP Events & Quarterly Meetings

The NCRP Policy Review Panel & Technical Peer Review Committee Quarterly meeting will be held April 20, 3-5 pm at the Westside Water Education Center, in Healdsburg. An all day NCRP Event will be held on April 21 at the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation Heron Hall in Santa Rosa.

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NCRP Small Community Toolbox

The NCRP Small Community Toolbox provides resources to help with system maintenance, replacement and upgrades as well as to assist in the project development process. The Toolbox is intended to help small utilities develop a “first order” understanding of what their options are, where to find funding, and how to get help.

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NCIRWM Plan, Phase III

The North Coast Integrated Regional Water Management Plan, Phase III, adopted by all NCRP partners, is by design a voluntary, non-regulatory, stakeholder-driven planning framework meant to emphasize shared priorities and local autonomy, authority, and knowledge. 

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